What Do These "Famous Guitarists"
Have in Common...?

  • Paul Gilbert
  • Yngwie Malmsteen
  • John Petrucci
  • Michael Angelo
  • Steve Vai
  • Tony McAlpine
  • Vinnie Moore
  • Marty Friedman
  • Nuno Bettencourt
  • Reb Beach
  • Alan Holdsworth
  • And You?

Answer: They All Have Control Over Their Guitar Speed and Accuracy!
(And You Can Too...)

Improve Your "Speed and Accuracy" with My "Guitar Speed Picking Tips", AND... Get Results Today!

From: Robert Lee Molton
Date: Thursday 9:30 am
Re: Improving Your Guitar Picking and Accuracy

Gain control over your picking just like your favorite guitarists.

There's a curiosity about Guitar Shredders and what makes them able to do the things on guitar that most of us seem to find difficult. Guitar enthusiasts are always trying to figure out how the shredders do it. What are they doing different than the rest of us?

What am I talking about? The thing that separates the guitar shredders from the non-shredders, is the shredders understand the "economy of motion", and they implement key elements of picking that produce complete control over their speed and accuracy.

Guitar Player Magazine, Guitar World Magazine, Premier Guitar, Total Guitar, Fretboard Journal, and others just like them have all interviewed the top guitarists in this field, and there's common key elements they all use to produce their speed and accuracy.

What a lot of people don't know is that...

  • Having Complete Control (and shredding on demand) is a learned skill
  • Developing Accuracy is also a learned skill that comes easier than you'd think
  • You can now be on a level playing field with these various Guitar Players

You came to this page because you want several things:
Speed, Accuracy, Control, Results, and Success!

You also don't want to wait a long time to get those things, you don't want to spend a lot of money on it, and you don't want to work too hard to get it.

Luckily, my "Guitar Speed Picking Tips" are the PERFECT SOLUTION to shave years off of your learning curve -- unleashing key insider tips -- giving you a major advantage. It takes almost no time to start implementing these tips and techniques into your playing -- just a few minutes, when I show you how!

You no longer have to wonder in awe, second guess everything you try, or sacrifice hundreds of hours working on the wrong things... only to get minimal results.

Just watch any of the speed picking tips videos... absorb, implement, and practice! And... with each tip you add into your playing you'll start expanding your guitar playing skills, becoming faster, more accurate, and gaining control. Pretty cool and simple.

How Will You Figure Out...?

  • How to synchronize your picking properly?
  • Which picking stroke is the most important and how to master it?
  • What types of picks to use for maximum energy and minimum pick drag?
  • How and when to use the sweep picking method?
    (hint: not just for arpeggios)
  • How to incorporate left handed legato scale rolls?
  • How you should structure your scales for blistering speed?
  • How and when to use a certain aggressive picking style?
  • How to improve your guitar tone within your picking technique?
  • How to view horizontal scale runs that can connect endlessly?
  • When and why you sometime won't use your pick at all?
  • How to manipulate the major scale pattern for fast clean runs?
  • How to utilize "pivot point" techniques into your picking?

There are about 1,001 ways to acquire bad guitar habits (especially if you continue down the wrong path for too long, or in-correct use of your metronome etc...) and believe me, in my earlier years I made plenty of these mistakes!

Let me explain. When I used to practice a fast aggressive picking style, it was actually causing physical damage to my elbow, (it's possible for you to injure yourself over time).

I used all kinds of wrong picks. I didn't understand the economy of motion, so I muscled everything I played... which ultimately caused new problems, and created bad tone.

Guitar Speed Picking doesn't have to be difficult at all, as long as you avoid the pitfalls that I'm about to show you.

As long as you have a guide who's done it years before you, perfected it, and can easily show you how to repeat the process any time you want.

That means whenever you have a few minutes to watch one the speed picking tip videos, you can implement that new technique into your playing. Whenever you want an extra boost of inspiration or shot of creativity, watch another hot tip video and implement what you learned... Eventually go through all the tips,techniques, and methods I provide, and your done. You'll be playing faster, cleaner, and more accurate than ever!

"Guitar Speed Picking Tips"
(NEW... Online Version)

Would you like the following to exist within your own personal guitar playing?

"Become A Guitar Speed Picking Achiever,
Gain Speed On Demand, Accuracy and Control, Join The Ranks Of Your Favorite Guitarists"

  • Shave years off your learning curve, instantly benefit from my years of work
  • Gain credibility and become recognized as a leader in your playing style
  • Master picking techniques that can move you miles ahead of other guitarists
  • Works in any style of music from... rock, blues, jazz, metal etc...
  • How and where to get killer artificial harmonics that jump out and grab you

"Steve Vai - Master Virtuoso Guitarist"

Steve Vai and Bob Molton Steve Vai has been an inspiration to me throughout my years of playing guitar. It gave me great pleasure to personally tell Steve that!

I had the opportunity of playing with an up and coming artist from England, named Carina Lirola.

She'd been working with Steve on her debut CD release, and had been negotiating a deal with his record label.

We all went to California to play a showcase gig, and met with Steve at the NAMM show. He's a great guy, and a brilliant guitarist!

"Alex Skolnick - Trans Siberian Orchestra"

I Won First Place in the
Trans-Siberian Guitar contest!

The band provided the backing track to their well known song "Wizards In Winter" (without guitar). I had to play the guitar part live and record a video at the same time.

After submitting the video, and waiting several weeks, I received a call from their management saying I won first place. I was fired up!

I won a Custom Made Jackson Guitar direct from the factory. It was a lot of fun building that guitar, and collaborating with them through the build. 

I've since become good friends with the band. They've taken great care of me. And...They always set me up with front row seats!

"George Lynch - Dokken and Lynch Mob"

We played a showcase gig with George Lynch in sunny Redondo Beach California!

The ironic thing is, that earlier George actually came to the music store where I taught in Peoria Illinois, to host a guitar a clinic, and me and my buddy Tony were in charge of setting up his guitar rig! Haaa.

Tony and I were checking out all his effects and amp settings etc... We got to play all his guitars and were amazed at how wide his necks were.

It all came full circle when we got a chance to hang out in California, and I reminded him of that clinic... and now we were doing a gig together!

"DJ Ashba - My Long Time Friend"

DJ and I go way back. We've been best friends for a long time, and have many stories to tell... Most of which are funny, and many more that are simply outrageous.

In the early days of our friendship, I helped him with his guitar playing and helped him with recording his bands etc...

As a true musician he blossomed quickly, and we began to collaborate on more of an equal level, and focus more of our time on the music business.

Many of you know that DJ is the Lead Guitarist in Sixx A.M. which includes founding member Nikki Sixx, along with James Michael. Together they've written some incredible music.

DJ is also the Lead Guitarist in Guns and Roses! I highly recommend going to see Guns and Roses Live! Axl and the band sound amazing, and their shows are top notch quality. If you talk to DJ tell him I said hey bro!




"Tip Of The Pick"


"Upstroke Picking"


 "Picking Synchronization"


"Types Of Picks"

"Aggressive Picking"

"Legato Rolls"

"Sweep Picking"


"Non-Picking Method"

"Tone Enhancement"

"Artificial Harmonics"

"Pings and Squalls"

"Chicken Pickin"

"Major Scale Pattern"

"3 Note Per String Scales"

"Horizontal Scale Patterns"

"Pettle Tone Method"

"Warm-Down Outro Jam"

"Special Bonus"
Guitar Software Suite

  • Metronome| Drums
  • Guitar Tuner
  • Guitar Scale Tool
  • Guitar Chord Tool
  • Guitar Note Tool
  • Pitch Control Tool
Watch these Speed Picking Tip Videos, and implement the elements into your playing. You now have the secret sauce to "Quickly Gain Control" Over Your Guitar Picking.
I stand behind my statement of "Quickly Gain Control", because if you just take notice of these key elements, and embrace the fact that they will improve your speed, accuracy, and control, then you'll see a drastic improvement in record time.
That being said, you DO have to practice continuously on these elements so that they become second nature to you. You WILL see constant improvement every single day.

Here's Everything You'll Get Instantly,
As Soon As You Join The
"Guitar Speed Picking Tips"
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16 Online Video Training Tips: (19 videos)

INTRODUCTION: Introduction:
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Warm-Up: Beginning Warm-Up
Loosening up your fingers and Mental Preparation


 Picking Tip Video #1: "TIP OF THE PICK"


 Picking Tip Video #2: "UPSTROKE PICKING"




 Picking Tip Video #4: "TYPES OF PICKS"


 Picking Tip Video #5: "AGGRESSIVE PICKING"


 Picking Tip Video #6: "LEGATO ROLLS"


 Picking Tip Video #7: "SWEEP PICKING"


 Picking Tip Video #8: "NON-PICKING METHOD"


 Picking Tip Video #9: "TONE ENHANCEMENT"


 Picking Tip Video #10: "ARTIFICIAL HARMONICS"


 Picking Tip Video #11: "PINGS AND SQUALLS"


 Picking Tip Video #12: "CHICKEN PICKING"


 Picking Tip Video #13: "MAJOR SCALE PATTERN"


 Picking Tip Video #14: "3 NOTE PER STRING SCALES"




 Picking Tip Video #16: "PETTLE TONE METHOD"

 Warm-Down Outro Jam: Implementing what you've learned 


Challenges for Each Video:
The Challenges Motivate Action For Successful Results.
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